As I mentioned earlier, this shredding for me mainly is to cure my ‘overeating’ habit. Most of my weight gain since last September is due to overeating. It is not only about overeating the yummy gourmet food, but anything. There were some worst episodes that I ate almost every variety of snack available in the pantry after dinner till I sleep.  It felt like an eating marathon. I would eat rounds of nuts for each flavor I have, each type I have, including almond, pistachio, macadamia, pecan, pumpkin seeds, cashews, etc., Chinese pastries, Macro friendly ice cream (Halo Top, Enlighten), Beef jerkey, Protein mix, Fruits, Dates, Waffles, etc. I remember there’s one time I finished half bag of creme filled waffle snacks within one night. It’s not like I don’t know what I was eating and how damaging it can be. I know it’s sugar and fat and all that chemical junk, but it’s just difficult to stop until I got my satisfaction or too full to stuff more in.

Sometimes, I will feel terrible afterwards and the guilt will drive me to do multiple sets of Burpees. At least I felt it got compensated a little bit. But the next day, the same episodes repeats… Diet is the hardest part and it’s a daily struggle.

Ever since I decided to start this 8 week program, with a set goal in mind, my mental set seems to change immediately. I started to exercise portion control again especially for sweets/desserts which had been the hardest for me (another weak point being nuts clusters). I can stop after a few bites for the taste now. I won’t say it’s ‘cured’ since it’s only two weeks. But it’s promising. And the weight is coming down. Keep fingers crossed…


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