With a Sunday’s feast (yeah, I did a big cheat meal completed with a big bowl of fries and a slice of chocolate cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. I know that’s a LOT of calories… No need to be informed. But I enjoyed every bite of them. =D) after 48xxx steps for a 11+7miles hike day, I figured a gym day is due despite of tiredness of legs. After waking up at 5:45am, I hit gym for a upper body day with a water bottle loaded with pre-workout caffeine.

So, here is today’s arms and back training log. When comparing with last week’s record, either the reps or the weight was improved, probably thanks to the caffeine.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Wide Grip Lateral Pulls: 4 sets of 10: 25, 90 for 2.5 sets, 20, 90 for 1.5 sets
Cable Straight Bar Underhand Front Raise, Straight Arm Lat Pulls with ropes: (RS gym) 20×15, 32.5×12
Dumbbell Arnold Press, Dumbbell Pull overs: 15×10-12, 15×10-14  for 4sets
Dumbbell Upright Rows, Standing High Row with Rope: (RS gym) 20×10-11, 45×10-11 for 4 sets
Lat Pull down: 3 sets drop sets of 6-8 reps from 90lb

Cardio: 15 mins Stair Master (with back kick) as warm up, 6 mins Stairs in the end


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