I have to admit, I don’t have motivation for gym every day. Sometimes, for various random reasons, I would rather browsing web mindlessly than pulling myself to the gym entrance. Usually, I prefer a block of at least 1.5hr for gym. But it may not happen every day, with life’s requirement of kids and work. And when that’s the case, I have less motivation to move. And the only choice left for me is to do light weight or body weight exercise at home, which made it even harder.

But deep down I know I need to do it. It’s for my own good and I cannot fool anyone. I need to think less and just start moving. Motivation is not achieved by talking but doing. Having all the ideas without actions is meaningless. So, for me, I just need to put it on my calendar, and stand up from my chair. Once I started my first exercise, everything else just flows. The grind and routine just follows. And I know I will be happy, because I am in the ‘zone’, focusing only on the exercises, without distractions from work, family or stress. And I guess that is the major drive that prompted me to leave the chair anyway.

So, here is today’s leg exercise after some struggles at first:

Glutes/Hamstring Raise 4 sets x10, Fire Hydrant on floor 4 sets x 1min

DB Single Leg Deadlifts 4 sets x 10, Reverse Hip Thrust with Ankle weight 4 sets x 20: 40, 2lb; 40, 2lb; 40×12, 2lb; 45×10, 2lb

DB Single Leg Squats 4 sets of 10, Lateral Donkey Kicks with Ankle Weights 4 sets of 20 (2lb)

Cardio: 20min inclined walk as warm up, 5 mins as cool down

(Kettlebell swing 45×10/12 x 4 sets; Bulgarian Split Squats 15lb x`12 x 4 sets; in the morning for a 10 min session, along with some glutes activation moves)


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