It’s been a while since I last did HIIT  (high intensity interval training). It was my best friend when I first started to shred weight 3 years ago. Those 20-30 minutes crazy all-in workout works like magic for me, boosting my metabolism, and crazily efficient in burning calories and post-workout-burn.

This morning, after waking up at 6:20am, I struggled in bed for quite a while, debating if I should get up and do it. I know I should since I skipped gym for a few days recovering from the cold, feeling weak. But even after I dragged myself up and tuned to fitness blender channel to find the HIIT program I want to do, dreadful of the ‘cruelness’ of the HIIT workout, I lay down again… Giving myself all these excuses not to proceed…

Anyway, after 20 minutes of mental struggle, thinking about the friends who have been keep up at my weight loss program, thinking about my promise of change after 8 weeks, I finally pushed the ‘start’ button for the youtube HIIT program.

new image - x7wm9

Oh boy, it’s not easy. The  20 minutes seemed like forever… But I managed it. Afterwards, the familiar feeling of accomplishment after stepping out of shower overwhelmed me. The feeling of getting something done even before the family waking up made me happy (despite the struggle at the beginning). No one says the journey of exercise is easy, but it’s the rewards, the improvement of life quality, the improved capability, the increased energy level, and the gratitude for a healthy body that keeps us going.


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