Quite a few friends were asking me to post my meals. It’s actually a bit embarrassing for me to do so. Cause although I know a lot of what to eat, what are the right food, how much I should eat, and what macros I should be eating, I don’t usually do that in reality…

First of all, I do not count my calories. Not during my 1st transformation, not for this one. I should say, I know macro nutrients distribution in the food more than average people. I can estimate food portion and calories 70-80% accurate. When I look at what I eat, what I thought is not its tastiness but calories and macronutrients, subconsciously. So, even though I don’t count, I usually have a rough idea of how much I  have put into my body. And since most of my meals consist of whole food, I used my fullness as the guideline.

But for newbies in fat loss, without the knowledge of food, I highly recommend to record your food for at least a week. After one week, you should have a pretty good idea of how much we usually eat, and adjustment can be made from there. One month of food log would be even better. We are what we eat. The more we know about what we put into our body, the better.

2nd of all, not all my food is healthy. I eat junk snacks as well. I eat out, have desserts once in a while, and like to have a drink sometimes. I enjoy fat pork bellies and Peking ducks. But most of the time, I ate consciously, and compensate in other meals accordingly. And that is basically how I maintained my body fat low for an extended period of time, while still enjoying the good food I like.

3rd, I usually just eat the same food with the family. It’s just I eat more of the healthy choices (like lean meat, leafy veggies, etc.) and less of the non-macro-friendly ones (like pork bellies, Pizza, etc.) if not all the plates are ‘clean whole foods’ to my standards. And the other family members needs to be fed with some more delicious food than my prep after all. In that case, I don’t need to spend extra time for a separate meal which is definitely not affordable for working families.

Food is fuel. And eat mindfully. That is what we are trying for…




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