So far, the program has started for a week (counting the long hike day as the 1st)! Hooray! The weight has been under control (actually hitting 3 months low under the influence of a combination of clean diet, long hike, and portion control). And the volume of the weight training has slowly been picked up. If the weight keeps dropping for next week, I think I need to switch gear to lean muscle build instead of shredding then. =D

Since my legs and glutes are still sore from yesterday’s plyometrics training, it’s upper body day again. And here are the shoulder and arms moves for today:

DB Shoulder Press, Straight Bar Curls: 20×10, 45 bar x6; 20×10, cable 30×8; 20×9, 30×8; 20×9, 30×8
DB Reverse Fly, DB Tricep Kick Backs: 12×10, 12×12; 12×12, 12×15; 12×12, 15×11; 12×12, 15×12
Straight Bar upright row, Preacher Curls: 45×10, 30×4 + 20×6; 45×10, 20×10; 45, 20; 45, 20
DB Lateral Raise, Bodyweight Dips: 12×10, 8; 12, 10; 12, 10; 12, 10


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